RIAPP's Anti-Racism Action Plan
Dear RIAPP community,

RIAPP leadership met this week to draft an anti-racism action plan. This marks the beginning of RIAPP’s more active engagement in anti-racism work and affirms our anti-racism and anti-oppression stance. The institution of racism and the systemic issues that continue to take the lives of black people and rob black communities of their children, parents, and loved ones through violence, incarceration, denied fiscal and educational opportunities, misrepresentation in the media, and lack of access to adequate healthcare services, is and has always been a crisis. RIAPP stands with and seeks to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement. We commit to action. We want to ensure that this movement and all people oppressed by institutional racism, classism, misogyny, and queerphobia are not silenced and cannot be silenced.
We acknowledge that psychoanalytic theory was created in the context of white heteronormative ideology. We seek to use the tools of psychoanalysis to broaden perspective and promote inclusion. RIAPP acknowledges that this has to be conscious, active, and ongoing work as we have all been subjected to these practices and informed by these institutions. We know this work is hard. In this process of intense introspection, we will have to sit with personal and collective discomfort - but this discomfort is normal, necessary and crucial when lives are at stake.
The following are the initial steps RIAPP is taking to integrate anti-racism work and psychoanalytic work:

1. We will partner with local practitioners to create peer consultation groups that will provide an active ongoing space to explore racism's impact on our clinical work. We will work to develop increased awareness of our own racism and biases and how these show up in our work, and improve our ability to utilize clinical interventions and practices to dismantle racism and support racial justice. These groups will meet regularly beginning this summer. Please email kateroarrpsyd@gmail.com for more information. 

2. We will host at least 2 events per season that seek to highlight black and brown voices in the field, and will continue to think critically about weaving in anti-racism work throughout our season.   

3. We will integrate anti-racist readings and resources into our regularly disseminated emails.  
We are here to act, to listen, and to support. We stand together now and moving forward. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.
Michael Venezia, RIAPP President
Jess Cronin, RIAPP Vice President

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Founded in 1993 in order to build a local gathering place for a community whose members shared interest in psychoanalysis, the Rhode Island Association for Psychoanalytic Psychologies (RIAPP) has provided a forum for scholarly and clinical exchange for 25 years. To that end, our primary focus has been psychoanalytic continuing education for local mental health professionals through our yearly lecture series and spring and fall conferences. Our programming is based on the recognition of the diversity present in contemporary psychoanalysis.  RIAPP’s philosophy encourages a comparative orientation that affords an integrative and pluralistic approach.

An official chapter of Division of Psychoanalysis (39) of the American Psychological Association

RIAPP Executive Board

  • Michael Venezia, LICSW President
  • Jessica Cronin, LICSW Vice President
  • Kate Roarr, PsyD Secretary
  • Catherine Horton, LICSW Treasurer
  • Julia Kamenetsky, PsyD Division 39 Liaison
  • Lee Chafee, LCSW Member-at-Large
  • Paul Valente, LICSW Member-at-Large

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