Continuing Education

Wednesday Evening Lectures = 1.5 CREDITS
Fall or Spring Conference = 3.0 CREDITS

The American Psychological Association sets the Standards and Criteria for Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists and includes the following:

  1. Program content will help psychologists better serve the public and enhance the profession.
  2. Program content can be understood as building on a doctoral degree in psychology.
  3. Program content is credible (e.g., theoretically; empirically; or as accepted conventional practice) or it addresses legal, ethical, or regulatory professional standards.

RIAPP programs always meet APA Criteria.

Most often, our programs are psychoanalytic in nature and  meet APA Criterion 1.1 – Program content has obtained credibility, as demonstrated by the involvement of the broader psychological practice, education, and science communities in studying or applying findings, procedures, practices, or theoretical concepts.

Sometimes our programs are scientific and/or researched based and then meet APA Criterion 1.2 – Program content has been studied according to established procedures of scientific scrutiny that can be reasonably relied upon.

Continuing Education Certificates

Upon entrance to an event participants must sign-in according to their designated discipline. To earn continuing education credits, participants must attend the event in its entirety. Certificates of attendance are distributed to Psychologists and Social Workers at the conclusion of an event and after formal evaluations (Evaluation and Learning Assessment Tool) have been submitted to the Continuing Education Coordinator or another helping RIAPP Board Member or designated volunteer.


Division 39 is committed to accessibility and non-discrimination in its continuing education activities.

Ethical Principles

Division 39 is also committed to conducting all activities in conformity with the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles for Psychologists.

Limitations and Risks of Program Content/Validity/Utility

Participants are asked to be aware of the need for privacy and confidentiality throughout the program. If program content becomes stressful, participants are encouraged to process these feelings during discussion periods. Scientific and/or professional basis of program content, validity and utility is communicated via the presenter’s references and learning objectives, or verbally during the program.

Special Needs

If participants have special needs, we will attempt to accommodate them to the best of our ability.

Complaints Concerning Ethical or Accommodation Issues

Please address any questions, concerns and complaints to Lauren Greve, Ph.D. (

If complaints remain unresolved after discussion, a formal complaint/grievance procedure can be initiated.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

RIAPP is compliant with attempts to discover any conflicts of interest or commercial
support for all events individually. In the instance there is a relationship between the continuing education sponsors, presenting organization, presenter, program content, research, grants, or other funding that could reasonably be construed as conflicts of interest, this is disclosed clearly to participants.


Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Division 39 maintains responsibility for these programs and their content.

Social Workers

Application is made for Social Work CE credits to either the NASW Massachusetts or NASW Rhode Island for all programs. Social Workers receive a certificate with an authorization number and the stated number of credits designated for the program. Authorized Wednesday evening credits will be 1.5. Authorized fall and spring conference credits will be 3.0 at minimum.


RIAPP is not currently offering CME through Butler Hospital.

Level of Difficulty of Program Content

This information is advertised with specific advertisements/announcements relevant to each event.  Most RIAPP events are Intermediate or Advanced.

Fee Refund Policy

Membership dues and fees for individual lectures are not refundable.

When a conference registration fee is paid in advance and the conference is cancelled, the registration fee is refunded. When a conference registration fee is paid in advance, and the registrant does not attend, the registration fee is forfeited. When a conference
registration fee is paid in advance and the registrant cancels up to two weeks before the program start date, then the registration fee can be refunded.

Additional Information

Membership and event registration should take place online at our website, All event information will be available at the venue.

We encourage early registration for our conferences so the Board can be effective with planning for room size and quantity of food and drink. Membership dues and fees for individual lectures are not refundable.